The IBTM offers customized support in Clinical Research to clients in the pharmaceutical industry, CROs (Clinical TrialsOrganization) and professionals related to studies and projects from Private and University Centers.

The clinical research service IBTM aims to assist in the investigation of issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in humans by means of infrared thermography to benefit the population with the discovery of new drugs and medical procedures.

To meet this demand, the IBTM provides customized service to each project, coordinating the completion and analysis of complementary examinations necessary thermography for evaluation of safety and efficacy of new treatments.

In early 2014, it was founded the Brazilian Institute of Thermology to manage research in Thermology area and infrared thermography as well as the training and qualifications. With seal of the Brazilian Association of Thermology (ABRATERM).

The IBTM is open to researchers interested.

The IBTM is open to partnerships and regular sources of income that allow multiply to deepen its social actions. Contact Us

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